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7 Points to Remember When Applying for a Student Visa

The world has reached the status of a global village. International migration is growing on the sidelines of this drastic change. Employment opportunities, better living conditions, and better quality of education are among the factors that drive such a mass migration. Students occupy a major share of this immigration pattern. Applying for a student visa amidst this huge influx of international students can be a challenging affair. However, according to UNESCO data, the number of international students is on the rise and reached a number over 5.3 million in 2020. 

The top countries that are major destinations for international students include the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, and France. Among these countries obtaining a Canada Study Visa or an Australia Study Visa seems to have tightened in the recent past. Policy shifts in these countries in accepting international students are based on an overhaul to meet the demand and supply of educational resources.

With such a continued flow of international student population and policy shifts in host countries, it is essential to have a checklist before proceeding further with a student visa. Here is a guide that will be helpful.

Student Visa Application: A must-have checklist

1. Apply Early:

Most countries approve a student visa within a time frame of 90 days. However, this is not a rigid time frame. It may vary depending on whether you apply in peak seasons or your visa needs complex processing. Every application is unique. Hence they might require a different set of requirements for approval. Moreover, the country-specific guidelines based on its relations with your home country may vary. Factoring in all these uncertainties apply early for student visa application.

2. Ties to Your Home Country:

Countries like the US consider an applicant an intended immigrant until they prove otherwise. This makes it necessary to prove that an applicant intends to return to home country after studies. So preparing with a legitimate reason to return is essential before appearing for student visa interviews. Such reasons or ties to the home country may include future business interests or settlement plans.

3. Language Proficiency:

While applying for a student visa most countries demand a minimum English proficiency that is essential to pursue a successful academic journey. IELTS and TOEFL are accepted tests to prove the language proficiency. Depending on the country for which the student visa is applied the scores required for these tests vary. However, better scores are achievable with a minimum of 2 months of preparation. Fortunately, these tests are valid for 2 years giving leeway to process visa applications.

4. Essential Documents:

Basic documents such as a passport, acceptance letter from the enrolled institution, and proof of financial status should be ensured way before starting the application process. The immigration authorities also specify any supporting documents if they find them essential.

5. Financial Proof:

This is one of the most essential documents that is required while applying for a student visa in most countries. It is reasonable for these countries to ask for proof of finances to cover tuition fees and living expenses through your stay in their territory. These documents may include bank statements, scholarship letters, or sponsorship documents.

6. Medical Examinations:

Whether you are applying for a Canada study visa or an Australian study visa it is essential to undergo medical examination as required by immigration authorities. Make sure that these tests are not conducted so early that they may lapse by the time of application. Consult with an immigration consultant to better understand the validity of the required medical tests.

7. Interview Preparation:

Just like in any other interview student visa interviews also expect you to answer basic questions to evaluate the genuineness of your candidacy. Since there are enough demo questions on the internet make sure to prepare in advance.


These 7 points are decisive to ensure acceptance of your student visa application. As an 8th point, you can also consider hiring an immigration consultant who is an expert in maneuvering the difficult pathways in applying for a student visa. With expert support, it can be ensured that you don’t miss out on any crucial student visa requirements.


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