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Land Your First Job in Canada with These 6 Valuable Tips

Immigrant influx into Canada similar to any developed country is on the rise. However, whether they find relevant job in Canada is a concerning question. Fortunately, the aging Canadian-born working class gives ample opportunities for immigrants. 

According to Statistics Canada, more than one in every five working-age Canadians is approaching retirement age. Even with this opportunity at a hands length landing the first job can be a challenging affair. The Canada Skilled Migration program might have evaluated your qualifications and skill sets before allowing entry into the country. However, getting the first job requires an extra leap with the right strategies. The 6 valuable tips in this section are intended to aid aspiring candidates.

1. Understand the Job Market

Research into the job market will give better insights into thriving industries in the country. It is also necessary to ensure that the chosen industries align with your skill sets. For example, healthcare, technology, and pharmaceuticals are some of the thriving industries. A focused approach will also help to gain relevant experiences and educational qualifications that will aid in this journey.

2. Update the Resume and Cover Letter

First impressions always count. A resume and cover letter are a way to make such an impression. By aligning the skills and qualifications mentioned in the resume with the key skills and responsibilities listed in the job notification an applicant conveys his interest in the particular job profile. Hence it is necessary to tailor these essentials for each job position to which you have applied. A customized resume is indeed a professional approach that could increase the chance of getting hired.

3. Networking Matters

Sometimes job opportunities are not made public. It works its way through professional networks and contacts. Hence it is important to build contact through physical as well as virtual interactions. Participating in job fairs, professional gatherings, and diaspora-based meetings is one channel to reach potential employers. Another way is getting connected through online platforms such as LinkedIn. It is the bright side of technology. It makes connection easier. Maybe it is an opportunity published through a LinkedIn connection that is going to land you on your first job. So be alert and continue to build networks.

4. Volunteer Work or Internships

Even though experience is not mandatory to land your first job, jobs in Canada might give preference to candidates with relevant experience. So while you search for jobs it will be effective to find any internships or volunteering works to build experience. This will increase your chance of getting hired.

5. Be Flexible and Open Minded

It is not advisable to be rigid while applying for a job. To be specific, stubbornness towards a permanent job role might not help. A flexible approach toward exploring temporary or contract jobs may eventually land you in a permanent position.

6. Educate Yourself on Canadian Workplace Culture

Make sure to understand Canadian workplace culture, norms, and expectations. This will aid in making the best impression during an interview. Moreover, such knowledge is essential for positive day-to-day workplace interactions. So this effort for self-education can take you a long way.


By applying these key tips effectively you can navigate effortlessly through the labor market in Canada resulting in faster job placements. Better insights into the job market and the jobs in Canada are the most essential routes in this endeavor. With Assistance from consultants like Navigate Migrate such a journey is guaranteed to be a cakewalk.


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