New Schengen visa rules for Indian

New Schengen Visa Rules for Indian Nationals: The “Cascade” Regime and its Features

The dawn of 18 April 2024 has greeted Indian Nationals who pursue short-stay visas in Schengen countries with good news. It is the release of new Schengen visa rules regarding the issuance of multiple entry visas for Indian nationals. This new visa scheme called the “cascade” regime is intended to favor Indians with multi-entry Schengen visas with extended validity, based on certain conditions. 

Here we should appreciate the renewed relations between the EU and India with a special focus on the movement of international travellers beyond borders. The Best Immigration Consultants in Abu Dhabi, UAE have shown special enthusiasm to appreciate such cordial relations that facilitate international migration. They highlight this as a golden opportunity for aspiring travelers to tap into.

What is in Store in “Cascade?”

Long-term Multi-entry Schengen Visa:

Indian citizens get access to a multi-entry visa into Schengen countries valid for two years based on certain conditions. The condition is that they should have acquired and used two visas in the last two years. 

An Additional Extension of Validity:

This visa validity can be extended for 5 more years given that the passport has enough validity.

Visa Free Travel:

With a single short stay visa, it facilitates travel across multiple Schengen countries. The tiresome task of applying for individual visas is eliminated. The end result is that a visa holder acquires privileges akin to visa-free travelers from within the Schengen region. It is to be noted that even though this visa doesn’t specify the purpose, work permits are not a given privilege. 

What exactly is this Schengen visa?

For novice migrants, a simple explanation could clear the clutter. Schengen visa is a permit that allows unrestricted travel within Schengen areas (The 29 European countries that have agreed to free transboundary movements without restrictions.) for a maximum period of 90 days within 180 days. Applying for this visa with a minimal fee gives Indians the privilege to access the above-mentioned benefits of the Cascade regime notified by the new Schengen visa rules.

Why is there a sudden change in policies?

The policy change in Schengen visas for Indians is based on strengthened relations because of the EU-India Common Agenda on Migration and Mobility. The European Commission while adopting these specific rules has conveyed the message of a comprehensive cooperation on migration policies between the EU and India. To cite a European Union announcement the “facilitation of people-to-people contact” is a “key aspect due to the importance of India as a partner for the EU.”


The above sections have given a clear picture of the new Schengen visa rules for Indians notified by the European Commission. Generally, these visas will take from 15 to 30 days for processing. The bright side of the latest policy shift is that Indians can access this visa regime with expedited processing. With this opportunity, it is high time that you find the right immigration consultancy that can assist you in foolproof your efforts to access this visa regime. At this juncture Navigate Migrate with its immense expertise will be the perfect partner.


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