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Residency by investment programs is offered in several countries, including Portugal, Malta, Greece, Australia, United States, Canada and Many more. Investors typically have the option to apply for residency with more lenient requirements compared to other applicants. For instance, they may be exempt from language proficiency tests or the obligation to physically reside in the country to maintain their residency status.

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What is Residency by Investment Program?

Unlocking new possibilities for individuals with financial resources and talents, a residence-by-investment program opens the doors to study, work, and live in a new nation. We understand that changing residence plays a vital role in international business planning. At Navigate Migrate, we specialize in assisting clients in obtaining permanent residence through foreign investments. Whether you were specifically searching for Europe immigration consultants in the United Arab Emirates or seeking guidance on other immigration matters, we are here to help. Your aspirations and opportunities know no bounds with our expertise and support. In addition to assisting clients with European immigration, we also provide relocation services to non-European countries. With decades of experience in European immigration consultation, our expertise extends to various immigration solutions. Whether you are looking to relocate to Europe or any other destination, we offer comprehensive advice on complex immigration matters. Our goal is to provide tailored solutions that meet your unique needs and ensure a smooth immigration process. Diversifying your portfolio and securing wealth can be achieved through investing in business opportunities abroad. Many nations provide the opportunity for third-country citizens to invest in their real estate industry or economy, offering a seamless pathway to immigration. If you are seeking a visa through a foreign nation’s residence by investment program and desire a smooth investment journey, our team of Europe immigration consultants in UAE is here to assist you. We provide guidance and support for residents by investing in various countries, ensuring a simplified process for our clients. Our experienced consultants are dedicated to helping you navigate the migration pathways and comprehend the immigration process of your desired destination. Equipped with up-to-date knowledge of immigration regulations, our consultants assist clients in making informed decisions and enhance their chances of successful immigration. At Navigate Migrate, we prioritize a process-oriented approach, ensuring that our clients clearly understand the entire immigration process. Our immigration consultants follow a set of established processes and rules to simplify the journey and provide you with a seamless experience.

Which Countries Offer Residency by Investment Programs?

Navigate Migrate is pleased to be an authorized agent for the following residency by investment programs:

Portugal Residency

Greece Residency

Australia Residency

United States Residency

Canada Residency

Cyprus Residency

United Kingdom Residency

Bulgaria Residency

Spain Residency

Malta Residency