15 best immigration consultants in Kuwait

Best 15 Top Immigration Consultants in Kuwait

Kuwait, a Middle Eastern Country located in the Persian Gulf, is a major hub of commerce and finance in the region. The country also boasts a blend of contemporary living and cultural heritage. This makes expats around the world attracted to Kuwait. Kuwait’s Public Authority for Civil Information shows that about 70% of Kuwait’s total population is expatriates. While this is a significant figure the migration of the Kuwaiti People to other developed countries should not be overlooked. The whole point is that there is a larger need for immigration consultants in Kuwait. 

The 15 best immigration consultants in Kuwait that are mentioned below have significance in this context. Yes, it is possible to handle immigration work by yourself. However, since individuals don’t have experience or expertise it can backfire. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, visa application rejections have been rising in many countries. So it is better to get assistance from the Top Immigration Consultants in Kuwait. This will help to foolproof the immigration paperwork. The following immigration consultants are carefully chosen based on their capability to meet this purpose.

Navigate is an immigration consultant with experience and expertise in immigration procedures in multiple countries. Specifically speaking of Kuwait, they are well-rooted in the country with ground-level contacts. Navigate also finds pride in their in-depth knowledge of the immigration laws and procedural nuances of Kuwait. This makes them capable of serving clients with accurate and up-to-date information. Moreover, their experience in the immigration realms of multiple countries facilitates a trouble-free migration in and out of Kuwait.

Whether it is skilled or business migration that you are looking for, Trenity can make it possible. With immense experience in Kuwait’s immigration landscape, they carry out the requisite documentation effortlessly. They also understand that each visa application is unique. So they sit with you for proper consultation before opting for the right pathways.

3.Giant Migration

Here we have the trusted immigration consultants in Kuwait who have expertise in dealing with multiple immigration requirements. Their services in Kuwait include skilled immigration, business immigration, student visas, and citizenship by investment among others.

4.DM Immigration Consultant

DM Consultants is an established firm in Kuwait with a reputation for serving migrants for over a decade. Rated as Top Immigration Consultants in Kuwait by Google these service providers can be relied on to offer genuine immigration services.

5.Stratix Consultants

Stratix is an immigration consultant in the Middle East with a formidable presence in Kuwait for over 20 years. They are trustworthy consultants with a specialty in resettlement services such as Citizenship by investment, skilled worker visa, and study visa.


Immex is another champion listed among the 15 best immigration consultants in Kuwait who deliver immigration services at affordable pricing. They are also experts in evaluating your specific application requirements to suggest multiple immigration options from which to choose.


Even though this is a Canadian-based immigration consultancy firm they have strong roots in Kuwait which brings them to the 15 best immigration consultants in Kuwait. Their service areas include student visas, temporary work permits, temporary resident visas, and permanent applications among others.

8.North Immigration

Here we have another immigration consultancy firm with more than 30 years of experience in the field of immigration. This experience as well as the possession of requisite licensing in the immigration regime guarantees their reliability while approaching their immigration service.


This immigration consultant based in Dubai and Kuwait is a highly rated consultant for ensuring a stress-free experience in immigration paperwork. Attention to every detail while managing visa submissions and a continuous update on the processing stages make them stand out as the Best Immigration Consultants in Kuwait.


WWICS is a leading immigration consultant in Kuwait with a global presence and a dedicated branch in Kuwait. It offers a range of services including Permanent residence visa, study visa, business visa, and citizenship by investment. They are also renowned for offering a comprehensive service from initial consultations to assistance in landing your dream country.

11.Vertex Consultation

Vertex Consultation claims to be the most trusted immigration consultant in Kuwait and delivers its services accordingly. The attractive element of their services includes detailed counseling and a flexible billing structure. This gives enough leeway to make informed choices and negotiate better pricing options. Moreover, a skilled talent pool with dedicated professionals for each visa regulation makes them deserving to be placed in a list of the 15 best immigration consultants in Kuwait.


Wise offers a blanket service for immigration requirements with an understanding of the potential of immigration for changing lives. With a global presence, a personalized approach, and a proven track record they can be trusted to materialize your migration requirements including study, work, and resettlement.

13.Life Ashore

Life Ashore is an immigration service in Kuwait that is dedicated to Canadian immigration services. It covers all the major Canadian immigration services including Express Entry, Family sponsorship, and study permit. With a dedicated immigration service provider for Canada, you will receive special attention for your immigration requirements

14.Resettle worldwide

With expertise and knowledge in the realm of immigration, these immigration consultants add to the list of trustworthy and reliable immigration service providers in Kuwait. Their services cover a range from handling legal documents to navigating the landscape of procedures like PNPs in developed countries such as Canada.

15.Oxford Immigration

With proven expertise to streamline immigration services employing committed immigration attorneys, Oxford immigration has built a solid reputation for delivering successful applications. While providing consultations for 11 types of visas they also make visa processes cost effective through value additions such as free IELTS coaching.


Here is the list of the 15 best immigration consultants in Kuwait. This list will help you to narrow down the best consultant that suits your requirements and budgets. Kuwait’s immigration regime is crowded with several consultants. We hope this narrowed-down list makes your picks easier.


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