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Updated Canada Super Visa Income Requirements for 2024

Canada is home to an overwhelming population of immigrants. An amusing point is that these immigrants opt to settle in the country permanently. In the pursuance of this goal, they achieve Citizenship or Permanent Residency in Canada. However, due to varying reasons their parents or grandparents choose to live in their home country. But they wish to connect with their children or grandchildren very often. This could be a prominent context for the launching of the Canada Super Visa program. 

So what is this Super Visa? It is a temporary visa program that enables Canadian Citizens and PR holders to bring their parents or grandparents to the country for a continuous period of 5 years. As of 2022 notifications in the official website of the Government of Canada, this 10-year multiple entry visa scheme was issued for 2 years at a time. Fortunately, this was later extended to 5 years at a time. However, it doesn’t offer work permits like the Canada Skilled Migration pathways. Even with this limitation, it is a pretty good option to stay with your children or grandchildren without visa renewals for 5 years. Upon approaching the expiry of the visa this scheme also facilitates a 2-year renewal without going back to the home country.

However, there are some financial requirements to succeed in its application. As of recently, there has been a change in this requirement. The following passages are intended to guide you on this change.

Canada Super Visa: Latest Updates

As of June 3, 2024, there has been an increase in the minimum requirement of the annual gross income of the host family for the Super Visa program. As a rule, this minimum income is assigned based on the number of members in the host family. The following are the notified changes:

  • For one Child or Grandchild: The minimum annual income requirements increased from CAD 27,514 in 2023 to CAD 29,380 in 2024
  • As the number of members in a family unit increases the minimum income required to bring their grandparents or parents to Canada via the Super Visa program also increases. In a sequential order, the updated annual incomes for family sizes from 2 to 7 members are CAD 36,576, CAD 44,966, CAD 54,594, CAD 61,920, CAD 69,834, and CAD 77,750 as of June 3, 2024. These figures show a 6.8 % rise compared to the corresponding income requirements of 2023. 
  • In case the host family has more than 7 members they are expected to add CAD 7,916 for each additional member while calculating their minimal annual income requirement to invite their parents or grandparents for a Super Visa.
Size of Family Unit New Minimum Gross Income Requirement for 2024 Old Gross Income Requirement for 2023
1 person (your child or grandchild) $29,380 $27,514
2 persons $36,576 $34,254
3 persons $44,966 $42,100
4 persons $54,594 $51,128
5 persons $61,920 $57,988
6 persons $69,834 $65,400
7 persons $77,750 $72,814
If you have more than seven people, then add this amount per person $7,916 $7,412

Super Visa: Some Additional Insights

  • An invitation to apply for this visa can only be offered by your children or grandchildren who is a Canadian Citizen, PR holder, or Registered Indian in Canada.
  • The application has to be applied from outside Canada and the visa is required to be printed by an office outside Canada.
  • The Child or Grandchild in Canada will have to provide documentation to prove their status in Canada and the minimum income requirement.
  • Please ensure that this sponsoring grandchild or child is at least 18 years old.


Here we discussed some of the latest developments in the Super Visa program of Canada. Additionally, some insights to look into while proceeding with your application have also been mentioned. But the requirements do not stop short of the above-mentioned list. Health insurance, immigration medical examination, and certain other conditions also have to be met as per the official website of the Government of Canada.

This is exactly where you will find the assistance of an experienced immigration consultant to be helpful. We at Navigate Migrate are fully capable of making your Super Visa application hassle-free. Make an appointment with us at the earliest to discuss your specific visa requirements.


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